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MuleSoft ® Integration: We are Integration experts! Connecting applications, data, and devices.

All the data is essential, and at Kairos, we understand that very well. We are interested in bringing the right data to you – as long as it exists, at some place.

With the proliferation of a number of databases and applications used in a company today, companies face data deluge.

For that, we’ve partnered with MuleSoft®, one of the best integration solution available. Mulesoft®seamlessly connects the world’s applications, data, and devices and makes communication easy between complex enterprise systems. With this partnership, Kairos is keen at elevating customer results towards Integration and API management space.

Our MuleSoft® services guarantee to resolve the property issues across SOA, SaaS, and APIs in a developer-friendly way. We utilize the leading iPaaS platform to deliver value-optimized versatile solutions to support your agile business needs.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform® lets companies realize business transformation through connectivity, and allows you to integrate your apps, data, and devices on the cloud oron-premise.

What Do We Do?
Kairos Technologies can provide flexible solutions that will help you simplify your overall architecture by removing point-to-point integrations and application silos to obtain business agility and reduced IT costs.
  • Analyze current state and outline iPaaS Reference design
  • Provide a roadmap to MuleSoft® planning and implementation
  • Provide migration patterns to move from other EAI vendors
Mulesoft Integration Solutions
The list is growing through which the enterprise, team members, and clients can enjoy to Connect Anything. Here at Kairos, we can help you with complete integrations that stay in line with smart budgets while maximizing ROI.
  • API Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Microsoft .Net Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • ESB Solutions
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