Kairos Technologies Makes Strategic Move to Become an InsideView API Consulting Partner

Kairos Technologies Makes Strategic Move to Become an InsideView API Consulting Partner

Dallas, TX (June 3rd, 2015) – Kairos Technologies today announced that it will begin using InsideView’s industry-leading B2B data and intelligence to deliver higher quality results in their data services engagements. This move marks a switch for Kairos from other data providers to InsideView, and introduces Kairos as an InsideView API Consulting Partner.

“Most of our clients already realize that data-driven marketing and insight-based selling are the most effective ways to get higher response rates and win business deals. They are looking to enhance their CRM systems with real-time intelligence, including critical business insights, comprehensive company profiles, and enriched contact information,” says Kishan Chakravarthy, CEO of Kairos Technologies.

Kairos has recommended InsideView to its customers for years. It has finally taken a major leap forward to officially endorse InsideView and became a partner.

“Becoming an InsideView API Consulting Partner directly addresses this need. We are combining our CRM integration expertise with today’s leading market intelligence platform. There is no match for InsideView’s data quality and that’s why we are extremely excited about this alliance.”

— Kishan Chakravarthy, CEO of Kairos

“We were particularly impressed with how InsideView sources and validates their data, employing all major data gathering models, and then validating the resulting data through a combination of sophisticated triangulation and text analysis,” remarked Raj Vooturi, VP Sales Operations at Kairos Technologies. “Their proprietary process mimics human logic, but is able to do so at scale. It means our clients will have their data cleaned by the most current, reliable data available.”

— Raj Vooturi, VP – Sales Operations

InsideView started delivering intelligent B2B data nearly a decade ago, developing the technology, leading the category, and continuing to innovate, with several patents pending. The result is contact data that is consistently up to 20% more accurate than that of other data providers.

”We hear every day from customers and partners that dirty data is one of their biggest roadblocks to effectively reaching and engaging with customers and prospects,” said Jenny Cheng, Chief Product Officer at InsideView. “Kairos is getting to the heart of that problem, offering CRM and ERP users a solution to clean their data and keep it clean, especially when they are migrating to a new system or merging databases. With deep expertise in data management within CRM and ERP ecosystems, Kairos is a great match for InsideView.”

— Jenny Cheng, Chief Product Officer

Kairos also plans to leverage InsideView APIs, data, and features to offer clients these additional services:

  • Migration Services – Data migration, data transformation, data mapping and data governance (business rules).
  • Data Enrichment Services – Data completion (accounts, contacts, leads) and ongoing, scheduled maintenance, leveraging InsideView data.
  • System Integration & Configuration Services – Creation of system interfaces or configuration of data platforms (Scribe, MuleSoft, Informatica, plus many others) in order to support data flows while taking into account business rules, reference data, data governance, etc.

About Kairos Technologies

Kairos Technologies is a global cloud computing solutions provider with a passion to help firms tap into the immense potential of cloud computing. We offer cloud advisory, custom application development, implementation, integration, migration, testing and support and maintenance services. Over the years, we have helped several clients transform themselves through better customer engagements, greater collaboration and streamlined operations.

To learn more about Kairos InsideView offerings, please visit: Kairos-InsideView API Consulting page

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