Cloud Managed Service Provider

Cloud Managed Service Provider

You manage your idea. We manage everything else.

Architecture Design and Consultation

Our AWS associates provide you well architected frame work tuned for operational excellence, performance efficiency and minimize your operational costs.

They are optimized for excellence ranging from high availability and scalability to100 percent disaster recovery and legacy application management.

We provide you with prudential cost analysis for an effective decision making. We design systems to support architectural experimentation and extensive testing before you deploy.

Website Migration and Database migration services

All the responsibility of setting up new website in cloud and migrating your application, databases and even support Platform Migration,and for managing all of your cluster is taken by our AWS associates.

Quick migration enabled with AWS Storage Gateway

Deployment of Secured infrastructure of your AWS resources with AWS guaranteed security.

Full-time equivalent service to support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to your database platform by our DBA team.

Support for Platform Migration

Building highly available and scalable websites and web applications

Complete migration from On Premises Data centres to Public and Hybrid clouds. We Fork Lift your application and optimize it to completely embrace the Cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure development and automation

Kairos techies build your web applications from end-to-end starting with deployment of your Static or Dynamic website and web applications with high-availability and complete scalability.

Complete software life cycle i.e., Build, Code, test, debug, implement and document database driven web applications usingOpsWork, Simple Workflow Service and AWS DEVOPS AUTOMATION (Logicworks) amongst others.

Developing with Simple Queue Service, Simple Notification Service, API Gateway, etc in accordance to requirement.

Container Cluster Building and Management with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS

Secured and efficient Data storage, archival and lifecycle management of data with S3.

Deployment and maintenance of highly available and scalable RDS databases like Oracle, MySQL and NoSQL databases like DynamoDB(elaborate).

Serverless architecture design and deployment

The new buzz word Serverless is worth the hype owing to its cost cutting, ease of development and deployment. Ranging from Static websites toextremely scalable web applications and APIs we give you the leverage of the Serverless architecture.

Efficient line-up of your applications and DBs with S3, Dynamo DB for your Big Data and unstructured Data

Lambda for secured serverless computation and running applications, API Gateway for your application integration and workflow managements

We design and orchestrate the whole process for migrating your onsite applications and websites to Serverless architecture.

Expert Security and Compliance management

Design and deployment of secured private environment to your web and database servers and clusters.

IAM resource access: Govern the access to your resources with IAM

Compliance list: We deploy HIPAA, PCI, SOC, FedRAMP, HITRUST compliant systems

Our techies deploy secure solutions includingrobust firewall for your cloud cluster and establishment of secured communication with your corporate firewall using services like VPN etc.

Support and Maintenance

Our Certified AWS Engineers take care of day-to-day IT operations for your cloud environment, partnering with your in-house engineers as an extension of your IT team.

Automated Governance and Management Controls with AWS Tools AWS EC2 Systems Manager, AWS Inspector, AWS Config, cloudwatch

Regular Performance Monitoring, Security Monitoring and Incident Management

100% Database SLA and Disaster Recovery and Backup support

Guaranteed Emergency Security Patches and Critical Security Updates