Transform your customer engagement with offers some of the world most admired Software-as-a-Service products and a robust platform, Salesforce1, for developing customized employee and customer facing applications. Its game changing technology and cloud-based CRM products have been the top choice amongst businesses of all sizes.

salesforce expertise

Kairos provides you with the most comprehensive mix of strategic, technical and managerial expertise needed for your Salesforce implementations.  Our experience of working across industries, geographies and functional areas has given us wide knowledge that helps us drive value to our customers.

  • A strong team of advanced architects, administrations, sales/service/marketing cloud consultants and developers.
  • Deep experience in delivering complex, and highly customized, multi-country end-to-end Salesforce implementations.
  • Strong track record of developing employee and customer applications on using Apex Code and Visualforce.
  • Technical experts in .net, Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, integrations with SOAP, REST and Chatter REST API, Metadata APIs and ETL.

We are Cloud Alliance Partner, providing a wide and comprehensive range of service offerings that can help clients fully tap into the true potential of Salesforce. Reach out to us today!

Sell more, sell faster, sell better

While today’s technology has enabled even small enterprises to effectively compete with larger organizations, it has also led to increased competition and the need for organizations to effectively differentiate themselves. Sales cloud provides the platform for firms to take on and manage the new-age sales challenges effectively.

Kairos provides you with the expertise needed to design and develop the right sales cloud solutions for your organization. Our experts help you through your entire journey, helping you in designing the organization strategy, developing the architecture, implementation, customization, migration, integration and support and maintenance.

Our experience of working across several projects helps us in providing effective project and change management, while facilitating smooth end user adoption.

Manage your sales team

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your sales organization
  • Set goals, track progress and provide feedbacks and recognitions in real-time.

Manage contact, leads and accounts:

  • Maintain complete details and history of contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts.
  • Effectively measure marketing ROI.

Streamlined your sales operations and enhance employee productivity

  • Automate approvals and workflows.
  • Gain 360 degree view of all your deals
  • Build custom communities for employees, customers and partners.
  • Converse in real-time with Chatter.
  • Access you entire sales activity through mobile.

Make data-backed decisions:

  • Generate real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Deploy rich predictive analytics for realistic forecasting.

Win trust and loyalty of your customers

Salesforce’s service cloud helps organization to redefine their customer service operations using digital channels and modern technology.  With an exhaustive list of features that helps service teams to dynamically and seamless guide customers to solutions through any connected device, service cloud helps organizations of all sizes provide world class customer service.

We help design and develop compelling and customized service cloud solutions for your organization. Our experts help you through your entire service cloud journey, right from design and architecture down to implementation, customization, migration, integration and support and maintenance.

Modernize customer service

  • Establish multi-channel customer service – mobile, social, email etc
  • Escalate and solve issues in real-time
  • Enable customers to dynamically seek help and resolve issues amongst themselves through customer communities

Manage your service team

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your service organization
  • Manage and monitor all your service processes from a single console

Streamline your sales operations and enhance employee productivity

  • Automate approvals and workflows
  • Gain 360 degree view of all your deals
  • Build custom communities for employees and partners
  • Converse in real-time with Chatter
  • Access you entire sales activity through mobile

Create knowledge repositories:

  • Have records of all discussions for future references
  • Easily search and filter discussions and records based on keywords and topics

Make data–backed decisions:

  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Realistic forecasting through rich predictive analytics
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    Dashboard & reports

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Delight your customers with 1:1 offers

The age of one size fits all is long gone. The new age, informed customers are demanding personalized experiences and today’s marketers are facing the challenge of constantly providing them with innovative, customized solutions. Salesforce’s ExactTarget marketing helps marketers to better understand their customers and provides them with a never before opportunity to create 1:1 marketing campaigns.

Kairos works with organizations worldwide, helping them to efficiently design, deploy and maintain ExactTarget marketing cloud.

Gain real time customer insights:

  • Gain 360 degree view of your customer
  • Map your customer journey
  • Collect data around customer preferences and purchasing habits
  • Converse in real time with your customers

Leverage new marketing avenues:

  • Embrace email, mobile and social media marketing
  • Monitor brand reputation across all social media channels
  • Test campaign content, timing and frequency before taking it live

Personalize your marketing campaigns:

  • Customize your marketing content according to customer preferences
  • Extend real time, behavior based products, offers and messages

Take data backed decisions:

  • Real time reports and dashboards.
  • Realistic forecasting through rich predictive analytics

Improve marketing operations and enhance employee productivity

  • Build custom communities for your employees, customers and partners
  • Converse in real time with Chatter
  • Access your entire marketing activity through mobile
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    Email Marketing

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    Know Your Customer

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    Mobile Marketing

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    Personalized Marketing

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    Social Marketing

Build next generation capabilities today

Our team of Salesforce experts provide custom applications development services that help organizations to build and extend their Salesforce capabilities. We bring together a comprehensive mix of strategic, technical, business and managerial expertise needed to fully leverage the myriad of opportunities that Salesforce1 platform provides.


  • Build robust, engaging and innovative customer and employee facing application using
  • Integrate applications with a wide range of external data sources, including SAP, Oracle ERP, Excel and Workday, using Salesforce1 Lighting Connect
  • Seamlessly integrate Salesforce AppExchange applications and 3rd party functionalities to your CRM.
  • Ensure very high end-user adoption with our effective documentation and training services.
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    Modernize legacy processes

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    Build advanced automation functionalities

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    Extend Salesforce to other areas of business

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    Expand Salesforce CRM functionalities

Our consultants work with your team to understand your current portfolio and requirements, determine gaps and feasibility and propose the right plan for application development.  Our agile development model promotes transparency and collaborative development, while ensuring high levels of business relevancy. Together, we ensure that you utilize the full power of Salesforce to build defining applications for your business.

Build dynamic communities that unleash the power of collaboration

There is no denying the power of collaboration and collective knowledge. Salesforce’s community cloud platform only amplifies this power by providing users with the ability to collaborate in real-time from any device.

Our consultants can help you identify the opportunities and scope for collaboration within your organization and can help build dynamic cloud-based communities with Salesforce’s community cloud platform.

Build Communities:

  • Build customized groups for your employees, customers and partners
  • Collaborate in real-time. Share files, records and videos

Build your brand:

  • Create customized environments that reflect your brand values

Create knowledge repositories:

  • Have records of all discussions for future references
  • Easily search and filter discussions and records based on keywords and topics

Enhance Operations:

  • Collaborate in real-time. Conduct discussions and share files, records and videos
  • Create docs and approve reports right from the console
  • Access the applications from any device at any time
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    Brand Building

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    Build A Community

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    Business Integration

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    Channel Sales

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    Connect Customer

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Establish seamless business environment

While Salesforce can forever change the way your organization interacts with your customers and partners, in order to deliver maximum value, you need to integrate it with your other IT infrastructure.

Our Salesforce Integration Services help organizations develop highly integrated environments that deliver true business value. Our dedicated team of consultants help you in building an integration architecture that is flexible and can scale rapidly to your business needs.

Kairos Salesforce Integration Services
  • Build seamless and consistent user experiences across applications and devices
  • Reduce complexity and gain visibility and control by dynamically connecting your salesforce applications with other cloud and on- premise applications.
  • Connect your customer information with backend applications
  • Connect securely to 3rd party applications and social networks

Our experts can help you determine the integration approach that best suits your business requirements and is in sync with your budget, resources and time constraints. We deploy proven and highly effective integration technologies ensuring high reliability and real time performance. With our services, you can be assured of integration that ensures data coherency while maintaining consistency in user interface and business logic.

Support delivered when you need it, the way you need it!!!

Kairos offers best-in-class Salesforce Support and Maintenance Services. While deploying Salesforce’s applications adds immense business and operational value, keeping up with the updates and maintaining system performance in live environments can be challenging and can take the focus away from your key strategic issues.

Our dedicated team of Salesforce admins, developers and support experts can ensure superlative system performance, while you pursue Business as usual. Our flexible support plans include options for ad hoc and need-based support to regular support outsourcing. We also provide individual Salesforce support professionals for in-house support.

Kairos Salesforce Support & Maintenance

Minimize risks, eliminate downtime and enhance efficiency, reliability and performance

  • Our ongoing administration and maintenance services include user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance.
  • Monitor your Salesforce org, identify areas of improvement, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and implement improvement plans.
  • Our comprehensive training and help desk services ensure very high end user adoption.
  • Flexible and dedicated support options for outsourcing your day-to-day administration activities.
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    Stay updated

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    Minimize Downtime

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    Enhance System Performance

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    Scale dynamically

We offer flexible service models that cater to your specific requirements, including:

  • Ad hoc support:

    Need based support services to take care of your immediate, one-time needs.

  • Long-term support:

    Monthly and annual maintenance contracts to take care of entire support and maintenance needs.

  • Salesforce resources:

    Dedicated resources to augment your current capabilities.

Throw light on your organization data

Today, the speed and efficiency with which organizations utilize data determines their ultimate success. Salesforce’s analytics cloud solution, the Wave, provides a secure, robust and scalable platform for organizations to break their siloes and gain a comprehensive view of their operations.

Kairos helps you gain unparalleled insights into your organizational data with our end-to-end analytics cloud implementation.

  • Measure and analyze key parameters across your sales, service, marketing and even backoffice operations.
  • Rely of powerful visuals to take data backed decisions in real time.
  • Drill down on data to find answers to your specific queries.
  • Discover meaningful patterns and predict key trends based on past performance and data.
  • Access data anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Generate powerful, real time reports and dashboards.