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Cloud Strategy

You have heard about all the buzzwords like cloud, mobile and social. You know your competitors are pursuing but really want to know if you would need it and if yes, how soon and in what capacity. It is sometime difficult to understand straightaway what impact these new technologies can bring you.

Our strategy services help you to understand and find answers to the critical question on how to use technology to bring in customer centricity, process optimization and employee engagement while having real time insights to your organizational data. With these strategic insights from our team, your organization can make more focused, well informed decisions that reduce risk, and eliminate costs associated with wrong investments.

  • Evaluate long term and short term goals
  • Identify gaps in IT infrastructure
  • Develop business case for Cloud deployment
  • Provide vendor diagnostic suggestions on products and services, based on functionality, pricing, ability to deliver and reputation.


Every organization is unique and it is not easy to find a 100% ready-made solution that fits all your needs. A good amount of customization and a sound implementation framework is essential for things to really start making sense.

With our extensive experience of helping firms of all sizes across varied sectors, we can help you design and implement a cloud solution that truly adds value to your business – be it building a private cloud, or deploying in a public cloud or designing a hybrid solution. We help you to

  • Convert your business and technical goals into a design plan.
  • Develop the cloud computing architecture.
  • Develop an implementation plan with detailed timeline, resources and dependencies requirements.
  • Hardware, software installations and migration.
  • Test for sanity.
  • Develop specs for hardware and software configurations.
  • Deploy best practices, security and admin requirements.
  • Train resources on your cloud solutions.

Trust our expertise to help you in implementing cloud within months and with the most efficient approach.


There will always be areas and complexities in any organization that cannot be met by softwares available in the market. Custom application development is, therefore, almost unavoidable as your organization grows.

Our industry and function specific experience has allowed us to gain insights into the specific requirements of niche sectors/functions in an industry.

When you choose to employ Kairos for cloud application development, you get access to a wide range of industry-specific solutions that we have developed over the years or you get access to a team of experts who can efficiently develop customized solutions that match your needs. Over the years, we have developed several cloud based applications for clients, including:

  • Enterprise applications – HR, finance, accounting, supply chain, sales and marketing
  • Mobile applications
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • Web and e-commerce portals
  • Applications enhancement/modifications

Our team of consultants are experts in .Net, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python or Ruby and adept in developing and depoying cloud applications and services in AWS, Google Cloud and MS Azure.


To really judge the success and impact of technology and to keep a check on whether or not you are moving in the right direction, it is important for the management to have an single, integrated view of the organization.

We provide seamless integration services of your cloud applications with other cloud and non-cloud applications in your organization. This includes integration with other on-premise applications such as enterprise applications, databases and legacy systems as well as with cloud applications such as Salesforce, Google App Engine, Amazon web services, MS Azure services etc.

Our services include:

  • Application integration – Ensure a seamless integration of business applications while maintaining user interface and business logic with the help of middleware or standard Enterprise Application Integration(EAI) solutions.
  • Data integration – Enable seamless consolidation of all data sources between departments as well as between organizations. The data sources can be anything – databases, enterprise applications, or legacy applications.
  • Data cleansing – Ensure that your data is clean, non-duplicate and properly formatted with standard data cleansing tools.
  • Desktop integration – Quick and efficient integration to all desktop applications including Microsoft product suite.


No software implementation is 100% complete at one-go. You will always need constant administration and maintenance services. There are always new upgrades that need customization, new ideas coming up from your team and news approaches and goals that need to be translated into your software.

At Kairos, we make sure that support does not become a burdensome and expensive proposition to our clients. We ensure that the support we offer is timely, relevant and enhances user adoption. We provide on-demand administration and maintenance services. Our services include

  • On-going application management
  • Security management
  • User management
  • Data management
  • 24/7 helpdesk services
  • Training services
  • Reports, dashboards and documentation services
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